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Hebron Brick Supply is the only manufacturer of brick in North Dakota and one of the most successful brick companies in the Upper Midwest. Our ancient veins of extraordinary clay and state-of-the-art brick plant continue to yield a distinctive variety of colors and enable Hebron Brick Supply to offer a wealth of options in fine brick. Hebron Brick Supply has been the heart and soul of Hebron, ND since 1904, making us the oldest manufacturing company in North Dakota.

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Serving You Since 1904

More Than A Century Ago

Over the last century, the brick-making industry has helped sustain the town, providing jobs and income during lean times for local grain farms and cattle ranches.

Hebron Brick Works factory
Vintage brick wall on main street.

Hebron’s Main Street

The town’s first brick plant—Hebron Fire and Pressed Brick Co.—opened in 1904. The early brick makers hand mixed the clay with water, then cut and fired the finished rectangles in a large kiln.

Brick Today

Today, depending on how long and how hot the bricks are fired, 16 different colors and five textures can result, says Plant Manager Brian Jennings. Modern coatings can produce 15 more colors.
BlackRidgeBANK brick exterior walls.
The century-old brick industry still remains a solid foundation for the town, and clay reserves in the nearby hills are sufficient to supply Hebron Brick Co. into the next century.

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